Ibd acrylic nails

For natural looking, strong nails with a gorgeous finish, ibd acrylic nails are easily applicable over tips or forms.

ibd acrylic nails
In 2005, ibd introduced Grip Flex, a new acrylic nail line that has a faster set time than other acrylic nails. This offers the added advantage that the nail artist can create stunning nails in little time. You can navigate to the Photos section of this web site for examples.

Beauty Factory
Besides ibd acrylic nails, Beauty Factory exports other exclusive brands to over 45 countries in Europe and Russia. We also provide training programs for educators in three levels; Educator, Master Educator and International Educator. Educators need to certify themselves within each brand.Ibd acrylic nails

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Beauty Company is your supplier for professional beauty and nail products. We are specificly specialised in artifical nails, manicures and pedicures. Our organisation also functions as a education/training center for professional nail stylists.

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