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Topcoat 15 ml

BrandSuper Nail
SuperNail ProGel stands for long lasting chip free color with mirror-gloss shine. ProGel protects the natural nails, while wears like a classic gel. Applies very easily and saves time. ProGel cures quickly under either LED or UV light. ProGel system includes a bonder SuperBond, a Base Coat, Top Coat and long-lasting 100% Gel Polishes.
- 100% gel polish
- longer shelf life
- no evaporation of thickening of the polish
- non-hazardous – no hassle at customs
- Outperforms regular nail lacquer with longer-lasting wear - at least 2 till 6 weeks
- Chip-free
- Super mirror-like finish
International Beauty Partners B.V. members: Beauty Company ◦ Beauty Factory
- Brushes on like polish for quick and easy application
- Durable as a classic gel
- Use over natural nails, acrylics, or gels
- Cures in both LED and UV light
- Adds ultra protection to natural nails
- Use with SuperBond for a superior adhesion
- Adds only minutes to a basic manicure
- No extra charges for salons for complementary products
- Removes with ease in 10 minutes without drilling or filing
Price€ 18,50 (excl. VAT)
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