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Soea - Stripe Rite Displays

BrandSo Easy
Itís So Easy has designed three displays with their top selling neons, glitters and metals Stripe Rite Paints.
Strip Rite Paint is a very popular addition to intricate acrylic and gel designs where the long, thin application
brush can add the most minute detail to finish off a masterpiece. Strip Rite Paint can be used in between
layers of acrylic or gel, so that clients can enjoy their designs until their next appointment. It can also be
applied on natural nails.
- Ultra thin and long striping brush
- Thin consistency (stays thin)
- Great coverage
- Great for straight or wispy lines
- Creates finest designs
- Colourful addition to your current assortment
- Suitable colors for anyone
- Can be used between acrylic or gel or on natural nails
- All Stripe Rite Paints are water based (except for the glitters and metals)
- Display dimensions (w x l x h): 15 x 18,5 x 22,5 cm
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