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SL Wave Files

BrandSuper Nail
Shaped to look as chic and smooth as the SuperNail logo. The curve of the file really allows you to follow the natural shape of the hand and finger.
- Versatile use for Acrylic, Gel and any other nail applications
- Durable excellent quality paper, extending the lifespan of the file
- Lightweight
- Easy to handle
- Sanitizable
- Reinforced center, to prevent weakening or breaking while being used

Used for filing sidewalls and free edge of the enhancement after product placement. Also suitable for removing old product during maintenance services.

Used for shaping the nails after product placement and for blending tips.

Used as part of the file degradation process. Eliminates deep lines in the product prior to buffing. Suitable for filing on the natural nail during the preparation procedure.

240/240 Buffer
Eliminates file marks to create a scratch-free surface to ensure a mirror finish when polishing.
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