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SL SuperBond 14 ml

BrandSuper Nail
Super Bond is an acid-free gel bonding agent which is especially a great companion product for the ProGel 100% Gel Polish, but it is also perfect for use with all LED and UV curable gels and gel polishes. The easy brush-on application does not need to be cured and secures gels to the natural nail plate. This is a perfect start to any gel service especially for clients with problematic nails that lift or chip easily. It helps to ensure maximize adhesion and longer wear. SuperBond can be used with all gel products including existing SuperNail traditional, soak off gels and gel polishes.
- Acid-free
- Recommended for problematic nails, to ensure long lasting wear
- Extends the wear of any type of Gel enhancement system
- Bonds to natural nail and gel base product for superior adhesion
- Prevents lifting and chipping
- Companion product for the ProGel 100% Gel Polish
- Usable for any gel system

Apply one coat of SuperBond to nail before applying Base Gel/Coat for maximum adhesion.
Price€ 18,95 (excl. VAT)
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