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SL Professional Liquid

BrandSuper Nail
Creating this classic look has never been simpler. Our liquid and powder combination offers a fast set. Colors are non-yellowing and are brighter than ever thanks to optical enhancers in the acrylic system. This liquid monomer is designed to combine easy application with a superior finished product. No Crystallization: SuperNail Professional Liquid will not crystallize due to cold weather. Nail Technicians commonly mention crystallization. What they are referring to is a chemical reaction that occurs when the environment they are working in is cold.
Color Control: Advanced technology in color control ensures consistent shading with each of our powders.
- Fast set
- Non-yellowing
- Contains optical enhancers
- Strong and durable
- Excellent flexibility
- No lifting, cracking or bubbles
- No crystallization
- Color control consistent shading
- EMA based
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