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SL Non Aceton Scented Polish Removers

BrandSuper Nail
Removes polish gently from natural and artificial nails.

Non Acetone Scented Polish Removers: Four sassy scents leave nails sweet smelling and polish free. Strawberry – Enriched with Vitamin E to add strength while it moisturizes dry cuticles.
Orange – Enriched with Vitamin C to accelerate nail growth.
Kiwi – Enriched with Keratin Protein to help nails grow strong and flexible.
Mango – Enriched with Aloe Vera adds moisture while healing.
- Available in with and without acetone
- 4 Scented Polish Removers available – ideal as retail product
- Acetone: not recommended for acrylic nails
- Non Acetone: suitable for natural and artificial nails
- Removes polish gently and safe
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