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SL Glitterize Colored Acrylic Kit

BrandSuper Nail
With SuperNail Colored Acrylic Kits, it’s not just nail art design, it’s accessorizing your individuality.
Brighten your unique style with vibrant neons, sparkling glitters and a playful palette of primary colors. Formulated with SuperNail’s trusted acrylic formula containing crosslinked polymers for strength and durability. Powders with ultra fine texture allow minimal filing to create dazzling designs with long lasting vivid color.

Be dazzling with this array of sparkle and match from Glitterize Acrylic Kit to produce glammed up glittery nails perfect for any occasion.
- 6 irresistible shades in to create amazing designs
- Each kit includes 1 bottle 29 ml Professional Liquid Monomer
- Acrylic powders work with any liquid monomer
Price€ 32,95 (excl. VAT)
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