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SL French Gel System Intro Kit

BrandSuper Nail
What do you get when you take an innovative gel line that provides seamless, natural-looking nails and join it to a brand with thirty five years of proven success?

You get a win-win situation. ESN, a superb gel line that offers light, beautiful nails that actually strengthen the natural nail, is joining SuperNail, the heritage brand used by professional nail technicians worldwide and acknowledged as a leading nail system. Together, they will provide professionals with solutions for certain success.

Clear Gel 7 g, Base Gel 7 g, Sculpting Gel 7 g, Pink Builder Gel 7 g, White Builder Gel 7 g, Gel Brush, Nail File, Medium Nail Pusher, Pre-Nail Prep 7,3 ml, Gel Cleanse 59 ml, Instructions.
- Light-weight natural feel
- Self-levelling, less filing
- Strong
- Flexible
- Durable and long lasting
- Acid-free
- Full application instructions
Price€ 76,95 (excl. VAT)
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