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SE Hot Neon Nights Nail Art Kit

BrandSo Easy
It’s So Easy Hot Neon Nights is used to create custom nail art designs. Easy step by step instructions
allows beginners to create professional looking nail art designs. Take control of the outcome of your
nails by adding your special features with Stripe Rite. Apply over your polish (on natural nails or artificial nails) and seal it with Nail Art Sealer. Strip Rite Paint and the glitters can also be used in between layers of acrylic or gel, so that clients can enjoy their designs until their next appointment.
Use your imagination and get creative!

Contains: 3x Stripe Rite Paints 14,8 ml (98523, 98754, 98760), Glitter 2 g (Neon Yellow), Nail Art
Sealer 14,8 ml
Strip Rite Paint
- Ultra thin and long striping brush
- Thin consistency (stays thin)
- Great coverage
- Great for straight or wispy lines
- Creates finest designs
- Colourful addition to your current assortment
- Can be used between acrylic or gel or on natural nails
- Water based

- Can be mixed with each other
- Can be mixed with acrylic and/or gels
- Can be used on top of gel, acrylic or nail polished nails
- Ideal for endless designs
- Can be used for body glitter and to sprinkle in hair

Nail Art Sealer
- Used to seal nail art designs
- Can be used as base for glitters
- Thicker viscosity than traditional top coats
- High gloss
Price€ 19,35 (excl. VAT)
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