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NP YOLO Collection – Soak Off Gel Polish

BrandNail Perfect
OMG! Have you seen the latest collection of NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polishes? These amazing colors are not “FYEO” (for your eyes only). Five must see “F2F” (face to face) colors to have and to hold. Don’t come up with the excuse that you have “BTDT” (been there, done that)! Come on!
“YOLO” (you only live once), so put your big boy pants on and “DIY” (do it yourself). Once you have seen, tried and wear them, you’ll never want to use anything other than NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish
- Ideal for natural nails and artificial nails (gels and acrylics)
- Also ideal for toe nails (stays beautiful up to six weeks)
- Easy application – applies like a polish
- Delightful long lasting semi-permanent colors
- Lasts for at least 2 till maximum 6 weeks
- Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
- The perfect addition to any polish section
- Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip
- No damage to natural nails
- No odor
- Great for mixing and customizing colors
- Use instead of nail polish
- No wait for polish to dry
- Cures in 2 minutes in a 4x 9 Watt UV Light or in 30 seconds in a LED Light
- Easy to remove in 10 minutes in combination with NP Soak Off Gel Remover and Foil Wraps
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