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NP Starter Kit Acrylics

BrandNail Perfect
Easy to learn – Easy to work with – Easy to start, especially with the Starter Kit Acrylic from NailPerfect. All essential products that you need to create beautiful acrylic nails are combinedIn this kit. You can start immediately! NailPerfect Powders are medium to fast setting homo-polymers. NailPerfect Acrylic Powders offer an optimal balance between cure and set time. These products have been developed to offer you enough time to create the perfect smile line, and also enough time to perfect your c-curve. Due to the composition of this system, the c-curve retains its original shape until the next service. The NailPerfect Powders offer superior control and expert workability. The product does not run into the cuticles and offers a creamy, controlled application. They offer strength and durability in combination with NailPerfect Liquid. They provide maximium flexibility with no lifting, cracking or bubbles.

Content: Acrylic Powder Clear 7 g, Acrylic Powder Blush 7 g, Acrylic Powder Mega White 7 g, Acrylic Liquid 50 ml, Acid Free Primer 15 ml, Blue Scrub 60 ml, 20 Nail Wipes, 20 Forms, 20 Salon Perfection Tips, 20 French White Tips, Acryl Brush #306, Glass Dappendish, Pro Pusher, Tip Cutter Silver, 2 Halfmoon File 100/180, 2 Halfmoon File 150/150, 2 Sponge Buffer Jumbo 220/280, Sponge Buffer Round 100/180, 2 Miracle Shiner 600/4000, Glue 3 g, Pipet, Cuticle Oil 15 ml, Step by step instructions.

Value kit € 104,30 (salon price).
- Contains every necessary product
- Easy to start
- No large investment
- NailPerfect Acrylics
- Ultimate strength and durability
- Highest quality
- Superior control and expert workability
- No lifting and bubbles
- No yellowing
- Superior adhesion
- Excellent wear
- Guaranteed total natural look
- Easy to apply – suitable for natural nail overlays, refills and extensions on tip or forms
- Perfect protection for clients with thin natural nails as a protective layer
- Controlled curing
- Consistency in c-curve shape
- No chipping or breaking
- No extra dyes - consistent color every time
- Does NOT Contain MMA: Ethyl Methacrylate base monomer
- Plasticizers – give the nail flexibility.
- Self leveling stabilizers - allows technicians to have total control of the product that is being
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