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NP Premium Acrylic Makeover Powder

ProductcodeNP Premium MO
BrandNail Perfect
Available in Makeover Peach and Makeover Pink. Ideal for nailbed elongation and for nail biters.

Nail Perfect Premium Powders are medium to fast setting homo-polymers. Nail Perfect Premium Acrylic Powders offer an optimal balance between cure and set time. These products have been developed to offer you enough time to create the perfect smile line, and also enough time to perfect your c-curve. Due to the composition of this system, the c-curve retains its original shape until the next service.
- Ultimate strength and durability
- Highest quality and color consistency
- Superior control and expert workability
- No lifting and bubbles
- No yellowing
- Superior adhesion
- Excellent wear
- Durability
- Guaranteed total natural look
- Easy to apply suitable for natural nail overlays, refills and extensions on tip or forms
- Perfect protection for clients with thin natural nails as a protective layer
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