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NP Premium Acrylic Color and Glitter Powder 10 g

BrandNail Perfect
The NailPerfect Acrylic Color and Glitter Powders are designed for creating colorful backgrounds and are also very suitable for creating for example accents or flowers. The pearl effect in these color powders make them extraordinary. The glitter powders on the other hand are special because of the different types and sizes of the glitters in the powders, which results in extra sparkle and more depth in the nail.
- Easy to use
- Works with a higher mix ratio (wetter consistency) in comparison to the basic NailPerfect powders
- Usable with every acrylic monomer
- Ideal for colorful backgrounds, accents, flowers, etc.

- Color powders
- Pearl effect
- Available in 12 colors

- Glitter powders
- Different types and sizes of glitters in one color
- Magnificent sparkle
- Creates more depth in the nail
- Available in 4 colors
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