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NP LED/UV Sculpting Gel | Dare to be Bare

BrandNail Perfect
To extend the possibilities for nail bed elongation and camouflaging damaged nail beds, NailPerfect is introducing 2 new shades of cover gels curable in LED and UV. Also
perfect for the baby boom and the natural technique.

Bare Pink - ideal for most of the skin tones, has a light brownish under tone

Dainty Pink - ideal for the darker skin tones
- Light activated LED/UV Gel
- Fast curing
- Low heat
- Wears naturally
- Slow and even self-leveling
- Easy application
- No cracks or fractures
- No odor
- Suitable for tip overlays and sculpting on forms
- Suitable as base for Soak Off Gel Polish, Color Gels and Nail Polish
- Ideal for nail bed elongation, camouflaging damaged nail beds, the baby boom and natural technique
- Cure time: LED: 30-60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes
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