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NP Hair Glitz

BrandNail Perfect
Hair Glitz are tiny, individual, colorful strands of sparkling tinsel that can be added by simply tying it in a knot to a couple strands of hair. Hair Glitz creates a dazzling look to any hair style, length, or texture.

Add a few strands for a subtle, playful look, or many strands for a dramatic, avant-garde look. It comes in 14 fashionable colors. It is an affordable and temporary way to give your hair some glitzzzz! Hair Glitz may be worn every day or customize your hair for any special occasion. Tinsel can be washed, blown dry, brushed, curled and flat ironed. Excessive heat over 220 °C is not recommended, and for the best results, avoid using small tooth combs when brushing.

Also available in a kit:
16 packs
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