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NP Acrylic Glitter Powder Dreamgirls

BrandNail Perfect
With these 16 fabulous Acrylic Glitter Powders NailPerfect is giving a modern twist to the DREAMGIRLS . Spectacular nails for a spectacular performance! This DREAMGIRLS collection is specially designed for creating vivid, colorful backgrounds and for accenting designs; possibilities are
endless. Glitter and glamourous success garanteed with the NailPerfect DRE AMGIRLS Acrylic Glitter Powders!
- Easy to use
- Works with the same mix ratio as the basic NailPerfect powders (1½ parts liquid to 1 part powder)
- Usable with every acrylic monomer
- Ideal for colorful backgrounds and accents
- Magnificent sparkle
- Available in 16 colors in 10 g
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