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NP Acrylic Color Powders - Holi Festival

BrandNail Perfect
Inspired by the ancient Hindu religious Holi festival where it’s all about celebrating love, frolic and vivid colors, NailPerfect introduces 8 intensely pigmented acrylic color powders. This Holi Festival collection is specially designed for enhancing your designs and creating inlay and 3D designs. It is quite suitable for a fun french as well. Because of the high pigmentation, these bright neon colors are also perfect for creating flowers; the possibilities are endless.
- Intensely pigmented bright neon colors
- Based on white acrylic powder
- Optimal coverage
- Easy to use
- Works with the same mix ratio as the basic
- NailPerfect powders (1½ parts liquid to 1 part powder)
- Usable with every acrylic monomer
- Ideal for enhancing your design
- Ideal for creating inlay and 3D designs
- Ideal for creating bright flowers
- Ideal for fun french
- Ideal for vivid backgrounds
- Available in 8 colors in 10 g
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