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NL Waxing Roll and Strips

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These non-woven waxing strips and roll are specially designed for use with all soft waxes. They have a fine grade texture for maximum absorption with a clean appeal. Available in 100 count strips and in an economical roll of 25 meters. The Waxing Strips Small are ideal for waxing small areas, e.g. for facial waxing. The Waxing Non-Woven
Muslin Roll is perfect for cutting strips in your desired size, making it suitable for smaller and bigger areas, like bikini line and body waxing.
- Fine grade texture
- Maximum absortpion
- Disposable
- Hygienic
- Clean appeal
- Suitable for all soft waxes
- Available in small strips (100 pcs per package) and economical roll 25 m
- Size small strips - 10 x 3,8 cm
- Size roll - 2500 x 7,7 cm
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