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NL UV Lamp Digital

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The UV Lamp Digital includes 4 bulbs of 9 Watt and cures any gel products as well as all UV top coats. Curing times may vary on different gel products and merely need to be adjusted accordingly. This single-handed lamp has an adjustable digital timer from 60 seconds to 15 minutes. With the up and down push-buttons time can be managed with every 5 seconds. It remembers the last time settings and shows the remaining time to create more convenience during work. As the bottom is removable you can also use this UV lamp for pedicure. There is also an optional cool-air fan for efficient polish drying.
- Digital display
- Electronic timer: 60 seconds to 15 minutes
- Saves last time settings
- Optional cool-air fan
- Single-hand lamp
- Removable bottom
- Trendy shape and look
- Silver gray/black color
- Includes 4 bulbs
- 9 Watt per bulb
- Six months warranty
Price€ 99,00 (excl. VAT)
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