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NL Ultra Thin Tips 110 pcs

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Ultra Thin Tips are, as the name already reveals, ultra thin, which makes the tips also very

These tips will save you time, as blending is barely necessary and less time is needed to make them thinner. The flexibility enables the nail technician to pinch the nails and prevents the tip to crack when shortening it. Most nail technicians will love to work with these tips because of the short well and the natural smile line. The enhanced arch will give the nail a beautiful curve.

These tips are top quality and durable tips developed from the best “virgin” plastics as a result of
which they will not split. Perfect color and fit for every nail.

The Ultra Thin Tips are available in colors: Natural and White. Each box contains 110 tips.
- Ultra Thin
- Flexible
- Makes pinching possible
- No cracks when shortening the tip
- Natural smile line
- Short well
- Blending is barely necessary
- Saves time
- Enhanced arch – for a beautiful curve
- Can be used for acrylics and/or gel
- Available in White
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