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NL Spatula

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These Spatulas are great for mixing and/or stirring all powders, gels, gel polishes, nail polishes, glitters, pigments etcetera. The “spoon” end is ideal for scooping powder or glitters into for example a mixing jar. Also perfect for scooping out small amounts of pigments. The flat end can be used to blend gels very easily and to be able to wipe off excess product on the rim of the jar. But it can also be used to mix two gel colors very easily on a flat surface.
- Stainless steel – non-corrosive
- Sanitizable
- Double sided
- Ideal for mixing colors
- Usable with acrylic powders, gels, gel polish, paint, glitters, nail polish, pigments, etc.
- Spatula Small – length: 13 cm – width spoon end: 0,3 cm – width flat end: 0,4 cm
- Spatula Large – length: 18,8 cm – width spoon end: 0,6 cm – width flat end: 0,9 cm
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