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NL Soak Off Clips

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Soaking off acrylic or gel nails has never been that easy! These Soak Off Clips have all the advantages of Nail Foils or Wraps, and more. There is no mess nor waste of your remover liquid. They are very easy to use with the removal foils/wraps or just with nail wipes. The aceton resistant Soak Off Clips are designed to fasten tightly to the fingernails, to keep the foil, wrap or nail wipe in place while soaking. You can adjust the tightness by pressing the clips together. These Soak Off Clips will not only help you to save money and time, they also give your service a more professional appearance, and provide more comfort for your customers. Your clients will be free to move around, read a magazine or even use the touch screen of their smart phone or tablet with these clips around their fingers (only when in use with nail wipes, does not apply when in use in combination with foil or wrap).
Each packaging contains 10 soak off clips
- For use on fingers- For removing acrylics and soak off gels
- Durable - doesn’t get loose after many times of use
- More professional appearance
- More comfort for your clients
- Enables you to use your touch screen phone/tablet/laptop (only when use with nail wipe)
- Quick and easy to use
- No mess
- No waste - uses 50% less Acetone or Soak Off Gel Remover
Price€ 10,95 (excl. VAT)
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