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NL Pusher File

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Preparation of the nail is an essential step when performing acrylic or gel enhancements. Dead skin
must be removed from the nail plate for an optimal adhesion. The Pusher File uses self-adhesive
abrasive pads (220 grit) which can be applied securely to the Pusher File and can be replaced after each use. It can be used to remove any dead skin near the cuticle and side walls. Because of its special design, it is able to reach the smaller areas, which are harder to reach with a traditional nail file.
- Used for nail preparation
- Promotes an optimal adhesion
- With handy self adhesive pads
- Hygienic – replaceable pads
- Able to reach smaller areas near the cuticle and side walls
- Easy to use
- Cost effective
- Safe for skin around cuticle
- 220 grit
- Double-sided

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