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NL Mini Block Buffers

ProductcodeNL Mini Block Buffers
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Mini Block Buffers and Mini 2-Way Miracle Blocks – ideal as giveaways. Whether you are a salon or a wholesaler, you buy a mat of 100 pieces, separate them and you have 100 very cute and nice presents to give.

Block Buffers 100/120 grit
These soft buffers eliminate file marks to create a scratch-free surface to ensure a mirror finish when polishing.

2-Way Miracle Block
Specially made to maintain a high shine on the nails without the use of any oils. This is ideal for a total
treatment as for repairing. Just in two easy steps for high shine nails.
- Ideal as gift
- Ideal to travel with

Mini Block Buffers:
- 100/120 grit
- Available in Yellow and Grey
- Eliminate file scratches

Mini 2-Way Mircale Blocks:
- Provide high shine nails without oils
- Per 100 pieces in a mat

Dimensions per block: 2 x 5 x 1,5 cm (w x l x h)
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