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NL Metallic Filigree Wraps

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Metallic Filigree Wraps are like the Metallic Filigree Stickers. Only the design itself has the adhesive layer, making them unique. They are not a full cover sticker and are not created on top of a clear sticker base. They are delicate and offers an optimal adhesion to the polish or gel polish base when covered with a top coat or top gel, which results in a long lasting design! As they are micro slim, they create a smooth, even surface once sealed with one to two layers of top coat or top gel. Only difference in comparison with the stickers is that this is the size. Cut the shape you desired, not wasting anything.

Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually gold or silver. With these Metallic Filigree Wraps you now have the opportunity to create this unique filigree design of your choice on your nails in just one easy step!
- Filigree metallic look
- Various designs
- Quick way of creating designs on nails
- Easy to cut into desired shape
- Use on entire nails or just part of the (longer) nail
- Long lasting
- Only design has sticky base (not full cover sticker)
- Delicate and micro slim
- Smooth surface after applying top coat or top gel
- May be used on natural nails, polished nails and artificial nails (gel, gel polish, acrylic)
- Available in different designs and colors
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