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NL Marathon 3 Electric Filing Machine

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The Marathon 3 Electric Filing Machine is very compact and easy to travel with. It is ideal for starters but also very suitable for the more advanced nail technicians. It has a forward and reverse function and can be operated by hand or with the foot pedal. The machine is almost soundless and the vibration is insignificant when operating. The speed is adjustable up to 30.000 rpm. The bits can be stored in the designated holes on top of the filing machine, which enables you to reach them easily. The twistlock handpiece can either be placed in the transparent plastic holder, which you can slide on either side of the drill or it can be placed in the silicon holder.
- Speed: up to 30.000 rpm
- Forward and reverse function (F/R switch)
- Foot and hand function (F/H switch)
- Twistlock handpiece
- Can be used with foot pedal for easy controlling
- Almost soundless
- Vibration is insignificant
- To use with bits with Ø 2 mm
- To use with transparent and/or silicon holder
- Easy to use
- Easy to travel with
- Designated holes to store bits on top of the filling machine
- Compact design
- No bits included
- Dimensions of the drill (w x l x h): 11,6 x 15,5 x 8,5 cm
- Dimensions handpiece (Ø x l): 2,75 x 15,5 cm
- Warranty: 6 months
Price€ 175,00 (excl. VAT)
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