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NL Gel & Nail Art Brush Set

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The Gel & Nail Art Brush set consists of six square gel brushes #6. The brush with the gray shaft has Kolinsky Sable hair, the other brushes are made of synthetic hair. They are ideal for a perfect smile line, building your complete nail, fill and backfill maintenance.
You may choose to use de gray brush for the traditional builder gels and the others for design. The brushes with the white and colored hair can be used for the color gels for example. The pink for color gels with red pigments, the yellow one for the light gel colors, the purple brush for the dark shades and the other two for glitter gels. Your brushes will stay clean and will not be contaminated with other colors or glitters. Obviously you can use them all for traditional builder gels and save them as your spare brushes.
This set can be used with every professional gel system and can be cleaned with UV Cleanser.
- #6 square gel brushes
- Gray brush - Kolinsky Sable hair
- Other five brushes – synthetic hair
- Usable with all professional gel systems
- For perfect smile line, building nail, fill and backfill maintenance
- No contamination – different brushes can be used for different purposes
- Always spare brushes available
- Easy to clean with UV Cleanser
Price€ 19,50 (excl. VAT)
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