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NL Double Finger Bowl

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The Double Finger Bowl has an ergonomic comfort design that contours to the hand. It can be used as a manicure bath during a manicure, or as a soaking bowl to soak off artificial nails. The Double Finger Bowl has a false bottom which gives extra warmth. By filling it with warm water, the manicure bath will stay warm for a longer time. If it is used as a soaking bowl, the extra warmth will work as a soaking accelerator.
- Ergonomic
- Compact
- Large reservoir
- Handy design that contours to the hand
- Comfortable
- False bottom gives extra warmth
- Plastic
- Can be used as manicure bath
- Can be used as soaking bowl
- Suitable for soaking liquids, like acetone and soak off gel remover
Price€ 6,95 (excl. VAT)
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