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NL Diamond LED Light

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The Diamond LED Light is a powerful LED lamp designed to cure a wide range of gels in a very short time; within 10-30 seconds. This lamp has more than 30.000 hours of cure time which means that you will never have to change bulbs! It has consistent power and performance from the 1st second up to its 30.000th hour. To provide more comfort for the client, special stand is included to heighten the lamp. The hand can rest under the lamp when the thumbs are being cured. The stand also provides space to store your instruments, brushes, files, etc..This compact, high performance LED lamp cures gel more efficiently and more effectively than a common UV Light. It allows you to perform more treatments per day, which results in more revenue. LED Light is the technology of the future for gels.
Be aware that not every gel is curable in a LED Light.

- Powerful 1-hand lamp
- 10x 3W LED Lights
-Electronic timer provides different time selections: 10, 20, and 30 seconds
- Light swithes on when the hand is placed in the lamp
- Removable tray for toe nail curing
- Multi -functional plastic stand (optional) for easy thumb curing and accessories compartment
-Compact and stylish design
- No need to replace to bulbs
- Very low power consumption
- Safe and easy to use
- Available in color black and white
- Six months warranty

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