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NL Cylinder Files

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Creating artificial nails without filing is impossible. After applying the products, most of the nail techs file the complete nail, except the bottom of it; this side is frequentyly forgotten by thems. With the handy
Cylinder Files you are able to clean and file the bottom of the nail very easily. The files are also ideal for cleaning the natural nail. The Cylinder File Stick can hold 2 different grits.

The set consists of: 4x Cylinder Files (100, 120, 180 and 240 grit) and a Cylinder File Stick.
- Usable on artificial as well as natural nails
- For a clean and smooth bottom of the nail
- Double-sided
- With handy self adhesive files
- 4 different grits
- 4 different colors for 4 different grits – easy to recognize
- Available as set as well as seperately
- Ideal as retail product
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