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NL Cuticle Nipper 5 mm

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Cuticles reveal how much care your nails get. Excess cuticle not only gives your hands a neglected appearance, but also influences the nail growth negatively. Use one of the Cuticle Nippers to remove excess or damaged skin around the cuticle area. An essential tool for every nail tech!
It is available in different sizes and besides the Cuticle Nipper Bling Bling is also very appealing for the eyes because of the beautiful rhinestones on the handles.
- Different jaw sizes
- Can be used for manicures and pedicures and all artificial nail services
- Stainless steel
- For clean and neat cuticles
- Must-have tool
- Cuticle Nipper Bling Bling has beautiful rhinestones
Price€ 6,95 (excl. VAT)
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