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NL Colorful Set Of Beauty Tools

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High quality tools are one of the most essential aspects of being a professional. But excellent products are not an important feature for professionals only. Consumers appreciate high quality products as well. The implements of this Colorful Set Of Beauty Tools are made according to a high standard, while looking at the needs and taking user-friendliness into account. The Colorful Set of Beauty Tools consists of 3 different Eyebrow Tweezers, 2 kinds of Foot Files, Glass Files and Nail Clippers. All in 5 beautiful colors and appealing displays. But thatís not it, the set also includes False Lash Applicators, Cuticle Pusher & Cleaners (with anti-slip handle) and Dotting Tools (with anti-slip
handle) in a color most women love, pink!
- Colorful, appealing displays
- High quality implements
- Complimentary tools
- Anti-slip handle (Eyebrow Tweezer Anti-Slip Handle, Nail Clipper, Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner, Dotting Tool)
- Only available per display (Eyebrow Tweezers, Foot Files, Glass Files, Nail Clippers)
- Ideal as retail item
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