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NL Christmas Glass Nail Files

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Treat your customers to a Christmas gift with one of these festive Christmas Glass Nail Files.
The surface of metal or certain paper nail files is too uneven and coarse, which contributes to the chipping, tearing and splitting of natural nails. Thanks to an unique production technology, the surface of a glass nail file has a very fine, even, and extremely durable finish. This ensures very effective nail filing.

The surface of a metal or paper nail file wears off after some time. The abrasive grains on these files tend to flake off the core or the material lacks durability. Due to the special manufacturing process, the surfaces of glass nail files are resistant against wearing-off and are nearly indestructible.

The surface of a metal or paper nail file is porous, making it an ideal environment for bacteria, viruses, and molds to grow. The glass fulfills maximal hygienic standards. No other nail files can compete with it! The glass nail file does not corrode under wet conditions. It is very easy to clean and disinfect by common cleaning means or disinfecting liquids. These files can also be boiled or sterilized in autoclaves, which is extremely important for professional use as it prevents the risk of disease transmission. Glass nail files are great for personal use, but are also perfect instruments for professionals.
- Glass surface• 180 grit
- For smoothing the edge of a nail
-Ideal for delicate/weak nails
- Sanitizable
- Hygienic
- Double-sided abrasive surface
- Great retail item
- Ideal Christmas gift for salon clients
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