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IBP Ultrasonic Cleaner

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This Ultrasonic Cleaner, as the name already reveals, uses ultrasound to clean manicure and pedicure instruments and various other items, e.g. jewellery or glasses. For manicure and pedicure instruments use together with Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid for an effective cleaning. Both timer and temperature can be set between 3 and 7 minutes and respectively between 40˚C and 60˚C. Depending on the soiling status and type of the objects, determine the cleaning cycle and temperature.
- Can be used to clean various instruments, tools and other objects
- To be used with tap water or appropriate cleaning liquid (Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid)
- With heater function
- Temperature to be set between 40˚C and 60˚C (per 5˚C)
- With timer function – between 3 and 7 minutes (per minute)
- Special white housing – chemical resistant, anticorrosive, acetone safe
- Stainless steel tank SUS304 – content 500 ml
- Ultrasonic frequency (42.000 Hz)
- Including anticorrosive plastic tray
- Size device: (w x l x h: 22 x 23,5 x 10 cm)
- Six months warranty
Price€ 89,00 (excl. VAT)
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