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As the name reveals, this light integrates the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology with the LED technology. This means that you are able to cure both UV and LED gels from nearly every brand with just one light. The bulbs do not need to be changed, as both CCFL and LED bulbs will operate for at least 30,000 hours without needing any replacement. The position of the bulbs are placed strategically to provide you an even cure on all nails at one time. The bottom is removable making it possible to cure gels on feet as well.

More about CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp):
CCFLs use a discharge in mercury vapor to develop ultraviolet light, which in turn causes a fluorescent coating on the inside of the lamp to emit visible light. Because of their high efficiency, they produce less heat than the traditional UV lamp, which results in better performance and longer durability.
- Compact 1 hand lamp
- Combines CCFL and LED technology
- 12 Watt CCFL + 24 Watt LED
- High performance
- More than 30.000 curing hours
- No need to replace bulbs
- Consistent power from the first second till it’s last
- Reflecting housing for optimal curing
- White and Black LED Light Electronic timer: 30, 60, and 90 seconds
- Pink LED Light Electronic timer: 30, 120 and 180 seconds
- Allows you to perform more treatments per day, which results in more revenue
- Removable bottom - comfortable for the feet
- Produces less heat than traditional UV lamps
- Safe and easy to use
- Timesaver
- Very low power consumption
- Durable
- 100~240 Volts
- 50/60 Hertz
- Wave length: 395-400 nm
- Acetone resistance – light has special UV coat
- Dimensions light: 15,7 x 17,6 x 8,5 cm (w x l x h)
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