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ibd Paradise Soak Off Gel Polish

Loose yourself in paradise. Walk barefoot with your toes in the sand looking at a "Sunset Horizon", smell "Sweet Hibiscus" as you stroll along, and gaze up at a "Royal Palm". All of these things you can experience when you escape to paradise. A stunning "Tropical Waterfall" will splash all around you while you will become "Sun Kissed" by the morning sun. Don't forget to experience the crystal blue ocean and swim in the "Blue Lagoon"…Paradise is waiting!

Soak Off is a high quality formula that leads the way in gel technology. The Soak Off Gels can be easily applied over natural nails, tips and sculptured nails. All Soak Off Gels can be easily removed in 10 minutes using the specially formulated Soak Off Remover.

Available individually or in a kit (contents: six gel polishes 7 g in Royal Palm, Blue Lagoon, Sun Kissed, Sunset Horizon, Sweet Hibiscus, Tropical Waterfall, Bonder Gel 7 g, Intense Seal 5 ml, Cleanser Plus 29 ml and 5 Nail Wipes)
- No commitment! Easily removes in 10 minutes – no filing!
- No damage to the natural nail
- Unlimited mixing and design possibilities
- Strong, flexible, durable and long lasting – will not lift, peel, yellow, crack or break
- Light-weight natural feel – looks and feels more natural than any other artificial nail service
- Cures on demand
- No shrinkage
- Moisturizing oils prevent drying of the natural cuticle oils
- Moderate viscosity light activated gel with color
- Ideal for pedicures
- No odor
- Self-leveling, making application easy
- No burning sensation
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