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IBD Kiss & Tell Soak Off Gel Polish & Glitter Gel Collection

Fall in love with this collection. This collection includes romantic, exciting shades including the sequel to ibd's ultra-popular "Passion","Passion II". Just like a classic love story, ibd color gels remain beautiful, shining and true.

Soak Off is a high quality formula that leads the way in gel technology. The Soak Off Gels can be easily applied over natural nails, tips and sculptured nails. All Soak Off Gels can be easily removed in 10 minutes using the specially formulated Soak Off Remover.
- No commitment! Easily removes in 10 minutes – no filing!
- No damage to the natural nail
- Unlimited mixing and design possibilities
- Strong, flexible, durable and long lasting – will not lift, peel, yellow, crack or break
- Light-weight natural feel – looks and feels more natural than any other artificial nail service
- Cures on demand
- No shrinkage
- Moisturizing oils prevent drying of the natural cuticle oils
- Moderate viscosity light activated gel with color
- Ideal for pedicures
- Glitters may also be mixed into acrylic powders and used for accents in Nail Art
- No odor
- Self-leveling, making application easy
- No burning sensation
- Dermatologically tested, acid-free, odor-free, cool cure – our Bonder replaces primer and is gentler to the natural nail plate and cuticles
Price€ 39,40 (excl. VAT)
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