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ibd JustGel Floralmetric

ibd offers a new collection Floralmetric, inspired by folkloric and floral fashions combined with contrasting elements of soft and geometric lines that lend to a dynamic and cohesive collection of bright and dark hues. Fall 2014 runways are lined with designs expressing this boho chic look with bright floral patterns accented on dark backgrounds. Floralmetric is the epitome of the music and fashion lifestyle infused together.

ibd Floralmetric Collection offers six fall inspired colors; Petal Imprint - oxblood mauve, Patchwork - slate gray, Flowerful - punchy light pink, Eye-Poppie - bold orange, Retro Rosette - fiery fucshia, Hippie Dippie - tantalizing teal.

To add geometric elements to the six shades, ibd offers two unique deco glitters; Banjos Maker Her Dance - rich copper, Folklorical - glimmering gray. Each deco glitter can be worn alone or layered with other shades in the Floralmetric Collection.

This collections comes in Nail Lacquer 14 ml and Gel Polish 14 ml.
Petal Imprint - Creme
Patchwork - Creme
Flowerful - Creme
Eye-Poppie - Creme
Retro Rosette - Creme
Hippie Dippie - Creme
Banjos Make Her Dance - Deco Glitter
Folklorical - Deco Glitter
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