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ibd Calligraffiti Collection

Inspired by the mix of classic calligraphy art with 21st century avant garde graffiti. The Calligraffiti Collection consists of six beautiful shades. To add the stylish art to these six shades, this collection also offers two deco glitters that add edgy style to the collection.

Calligraffiti comes in JustGel as well as in Nail Lacquer; ideal to give your gel manicure a touch-up it needs to keep you look well-manicured and fresh and as retail item. Or use the nail lacquer for a perfect match pedicure to you JustGel manicure!
- 100% pure gel
- Chip-free, high gloss color
- Long-wearing color - at least 2 till 6 weeks
- Brushes on like polish for quick application
- Wears like a traditional gel
- Durable as a gel
- Applies easily over natural nails, acrylics, and gels
- Formulated to cure under both LED and UV light
- Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and stronger
- By using ibd Diamond Buffer when prepping, the natural nail will not be damaged more than necessary
- Adds only minutes to a basic manicure
- Just a quick soak off in 10 minutes with acetone or soak off gel remover, no drilling or filing
- No extra charges for salons for complementary products

Nail Lacquer 14 ml
- Long-wearing
- Easy to apply
- Vibrant full coverage
- DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde free
- Ideal as retail item
- Ideal for a matching pedicure
- Ideal for a touch up of your manicure
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