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Ibd Mad About Mod – Fringe Effects

ibd JustGel Mad About Mod - Fringe Effects, inspired by the art, fashion, and attitude of the mod era. As mod-inspired fashion is making a comeback on the catwalk, groove vibes and hip geometric shapes are just some of the inspirations for ibd’s collection of modish shades.

ibd Mad About Mod is an eight-piece collection of six hip hues and two groovy deco glitters that add geometric accents. Go-Go Above & Beyond - shimmering bronze, Happily Brighter Aftercreamy orange, Cuter Than A Scooter - shimmering red, I Mod You - deep red, Perfectly Paisley -
deep purple, Thistle My Whistle - glittery purple, Gettin' Twiggy With It - black and white fringe
glitter and Don't Fringe On My Parade - black, white, and blue fringe glitter.

ibd JustGel Mad About Mod comes in JustGel as well as in Nail Lacquer; ideal to give your gel manicure a touch-up it needs to keep you look well-manicured and fresh and as retail item. Or use the nail
lacquer for a perfect match pedicure to you JustGel manicure!
- 100% pure gel
- Chip-free, high gloss color
- Long-wearing color - at least 2 till 6 weeks
- Brushes on like polish for quick application
- Vibrant, full coverage
- Wears like a traditional gel
- Durable as a gel
- Applies easily over natural nails, acrylics, and gels
- Formulated to cure under both LED and UV light
- Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and stronger
- By using ibd Diamond Buffer when prepping, the natural nail will not be damaged more than necessary
- Adds only minutes to a basic manicure
- Just a quick soak off in 10 minutes with acetone or soak off gel remover, no drilling or filing
- No extra charges for salons for complementary products

Nail Lacquer
- Long-wearing
- Easy to apply
- Vibrant full coverage
- DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde free
- Ideal as retail item
- Ideal for a matching pedicure
- Ideal for a touch up of your manicure
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