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EzFlow Murano Glass Collection

Murano Glass Design Colored Acrylic Powders work like any traditional acrylic powders and can be used with any traditional monomer; however, EzFlow Q Monomer is recommended to achieve the best results.
- Easy to use
- Works with any monomer
- Can be blended or used to add additional color
- To accent certain backgrounds or design
- Gives technicians unlimited possibilities for design work
- Ideal for flowers and accenting designs
- 100% market possibilities can be sold to any nail technician
- Based on A Polymer Powder Truly White
- Opaque colors
- No glitters

Content: 10x Colored Acrylic Powder 3,5 g, A Polymer Powder Clear 14 g, Q Monomer 59 ml, 2x 20pk Glass Leisure Tips, 20pk Curve Forms, Brush on Resin 6 g.
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