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EZ TruGel Sea Siren

Set sail on an Ocean Odyssey to a world of soft shimmering shades with TruGelís Sea Siren Collection. Five pearly pastels and an alluring glitter topper take you on a quest for Buried Treasure and the elusive Mermaidís Tail. Be careful not to step on the Crushed Sea Shells as you experience the fantasy and seduction of the Harp Song and awaken the sea goddess within.
- Brushes on like polish for easier application
- Alluring glitter topper can be worn on its own or as a topper to any gel polish shade
- Kit includes bonus blue crushed shell nail art pieces
- Protective gel formula leaves nails
healthier & stronger
- Cures under both LED & UV lights
- Removes easily with just a 10-minute soak
- Safe for natural nails
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