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EZ TruGel Design Expert Gel Art Polish Kit

Add a personalized touch to any TruGel gel polish manicure nails!
TruGel’s Design Expert Gel Art Polish Kit is 100% pure gel in a bottle. This thicker gel polish formula has been specifically formulated with nail art experts in mind. Allowing nail techs to achieve true perfection from a one-coat coverage. A special striper brush is designed to work with the TruGel formula to create crisp, clear lines. This brush is shorter in length compared to a standard size striper brush and is incorporated directly into the cap for greater artistic control. A bonus dual-end dotting tool makes the design possibilities endless!

Content: 6x colors 7,4 ml (Primary Red, Primary Blue, Primary Green, Primary Yellow, Primary White, Primary Black), 1 dual-end dotting tool and instruction sheet.
- 100% pure gel
- Incorporated unique striper brush
- 1-coat coverage
- Thick viscosity (thicker than traditional TruGel)
- Formulated to cure under both LED and UV light
- Cure time: LED: 30 seconds - UV: 2 minutes
- To use in combination with TruGel or traditional gel or acrylics
- Dual-ended dotting tool included
- Contains 6 colors; 7,4 ml each
Price€ 69,95 (excl. VAT)
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