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EZ Proline Acrylic Kit

A full-service salon in a box. No more scrambling for the right tools and materials ? this complete kit has got you covered, starting with the basics contained in EzFlow?s Starter Kit, expanded to include the essentials needed by every pro. It is designed for the working professional who does not have time to waste. With this kit you are able to complete 15 full sets of nails. Contains: Q Monomer 236 ml, 5 Powders 14 g (Truly White, Pink, White, Clear, Natural), Primer 15 ml, UV30 15 ml, Essential Oil Plus 15 ml, EZ Bond 15 ml, 508 Grand Artist Oval Brush, Dissolve Brush Cleaner 59 ml, Polish Remover 30 ml, 100 Perfect C-Curve Forms, 5 20-pack Tips (Classic French, Essential, Leisure, Endless Curve, Glass Leisure), 100 Grit White Tiger, 150 Grit Grey Wolf, 180 Grit Grey Fox, 240 Grit Sand Shark, Killer Whale 3-Way Shiner, Brush On Resin 5 g, Dappen Dish, 2 Boogie Nights Glitters 4 g and 2 Colored Powder.
Products for 15 sets of nails
Price€ 195,00 (excl. VAT)
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