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EZ Gel It! LED / UV Gels

Cover Gel It! 14 g + Finish it! 14 g FREE

Gel It! By EzFlow is now a complete LED/UV system and has expanded its cover gel collection to offer a wide variety of French Manicure options. New colors cure under LED (60 sec) and UV (3 min) light. From bright white, to clear, to neutral, to cool and warm pinks, you will find a shade to compliment any skin tone. Opaque coverage evens out damaged or discolored nail beds. Gel It! Traditional nail system has the finished look of a gel, but the technical workability of an acrylic.
- Cures under LED & UV light
- Same viscosity as existing Gel It! Traditional Gels
- Bright White It! Creates the perfect smile line
- Bright White for those clients that demand the brightest white extensions
- Variety of pinks for different skin tones
- Opaque coverage
- Great for strong tip overlays and sculpting free edge extensions
- No chip color
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