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EZ Cover Acrylic Collection

It takes skill and a lot of training to create nails that define Beauty and Style. With the combination of Q Monomer, A Polymer powders and these 4 Cover Acrylic powders, you will have it all - beautiful colors and strength to ensure that the Beauty and Style you create will stand the test of time. Like the A Polymer series, this Cover Acrylic Collection is a medium set product. It has a longer working time and a shorter moulding time (to pinch) than Competition Powders.

Cover Acrylic powders in Neutral, Cool Pink, Cool Pink I and Warm Pink allow nail professionals to offer the perfect complimentary shade to any skin tone. Opaque coverage evens out nail beds and
imperfections for a beautiful French Manicure.
- Opaque coverage
- Perfect to camouflage imperfections on nail beds, damaged or discolored nail beds
- Ideal for nail bed elongations
- Medium set comparable to A Polymer Truly White
- Available in 4 colors for different skin tones
- Use with EzFlows Q Monomer for best results
- Can be used with any traditional monomer
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