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EZ Boogie Nights Pastel Flower Collection

The Pastel Flower Collection is based on Competition Powder White with no glitter. Designed for creating light intense designs with great detail. The 10 Pastel Flower colors have multiple uses but is most commonly used for flowers and detail designing. Use for fading is not recommended. Choose the Pastel Flower Collection, a bouquet of exquisitely soft tones, if your client wears delicate petal-shades. Contains: 10 Pastel Flower Powders 3,5 g, A Polymer Powder Clear 3,5 g, Q-Monomer 59 ml, 20-Pack Glass Leisure Tips and 20 Perfect C-Curve Forms
Works with any monomer, based on Competition White powder, ideal for flowers and detail designing
Price€ 69,00 (excl. VAT)
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