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EZ - Boogie Nights Confetti Collection

Make everyday a celebration with EzFlow's Boogie Nights Collection, Confetti. This gorgeous grouping of glitter acrylics creates life-of-the-party nails, quickly, easily and beautifully. Ring in the New Year, make a toast, wish the newlyweds well or dance the night away. However you choose to make merry, always celebrate with Confetti.

The Boogie Nights Confetti Collection offers unlimited design possibilities, great for color changes, and works with any liquid.

Available as kit and separate powders.

Kit contains:
•12 x 3,5 g powders
•59 ml Q-Monomer
•20pk Classic French Tips
•20pk Glass Leisure Tips
•5 g Brush on Resin
•20pk Forms
- Easy to use
- Can be blended or used to add additional color and shine
- Gives technicians unlimited possibilities for design work
- Can be used to accent certain backgrounds or design
- Innovative glitter powders
- 100% market possibilities – can be sold to any nail technician
- Polyester/Holographic Film – this film has proven to increase the adhesion, strength and durability
- The glitter film does not melt when combined with Q Monomer
- Works with any monomer
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