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EZ - Artificial Nail Remover

EzFlow® Artificial Nail Remover gently and effectively removes all nail enhancements – Nail Tips, Glues, Wraps, Gels and Acrylics. It’s nourishing formula contains conditioning oils that soften cuticles and eliminate drying. Vanilla Amber scent offers a pleasant soaking experience.
- Highly concentrated formula - offers quick removal
- Conditioning oils - softens skin and cuticles
- Vanilla Amber scent – offers pleasant soaking
- Convenient trial size - available in 30 ml perfect
- Fast acting solvent designed to remove artificial nails
- To be used for (soak off) gels, (soak off) gel polish, acrylics
and wraps)
- Does not dissolve traditional gel but makes it more brittle so that it is easier to file
- Works also as a polish remover
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